Therapeutic Recovery Coaching

Restore Balance & Well-being

Integrate’s Therapeutic Recovery program addresses the root causes involved in our struggles with behavioral & chemical addictions, anxiety & depression, life purpose & motivation, and unhealthy relationships.

Do you struggle with?

Addictive Processes

Addiction Relapse

Emerging Adult (Failure to Launch)

Anxiety & Depression

Lack of Life Purpose and Vision


Low Self Esteem

Lack of Motivation

Therapeutic Recovery Is Our Answer

Integrate’s Therapeutic Recovery model addresses the root causes involved in our struggles with addictive processes (such as substance use disorder, eating disorders and other behavioral addictions), anxiety & depression, life purpose & motivation, and unhealthy relationships. We do this by focusing on the three systems that impact how we feel and what we do every moment of the day – our cognitive system, our emotional system and our physiological system. This holistic recovery model elicits our innate capacity to thrive, heals emotional system injury (ESI) and creates healthy relationship patterns which are the foundational pillars to maintaining a life of sobriety and overall wellness.

Therapeutic Recovery Program

Our Process

Traditional recovery coaching programs primarily deal with the cognitive system yet fail to address the underlying issues often buried in the unconscious part of our Emotional Operating System (EOS). It is those parts that often overwhelm us and cause anxiety, depression and relational patterns that lead to relapse and other unhealthy behaviors.

Our Evidence-Based And Proprietary Approaches Include:

  • Attachment-Centered Worldview
  • SAMHSA’s 8 Dimensions of Wellness
  • Recovery Planning and Relapse Prevention
  • Internal Family Systems and Parts Work
  • Applied Polyvagal Theory
  • Trauma Resolution & Emotional System Unburdening
  • Life Purpose & Vision Discovery
  • Functional Medicine Assessment and Planning
  • Meditation, Mindfulness, Breathwork and Self-Compassion
  • Pia Mellody’s Psychological and Emotional Boundary Work
  • Life Skills Development
  • Executive Functioning Advocacy

Integrate Recovery Team

Chris Horton

Co-Founder & CEO

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Terra Holbrook

Co-Founder & Clinical Advisor

Kay Creath

Kay Creath, Ph.D

Co-Founder & Clinical Oversight

Dan Ragette

Dan Ragette


David Golden

David Golden

Program Director

Shannon Reed

Business Development Leader

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