“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”

– Thomas Edison

Our Therapeutic Coaching Process

We combine our renowned emotional health and healing work with platinum level Life Coaching to help our clients build connected, sober and purpose-driven lives. We do this through our unique approach which is first and foremost built upon a safe and trusting relationship with our clients.

Phase One

Introduction & Discovery

This is the first series of meetings with the client and the family where we discuss strengths, challenges, goals, desired outcomes and motivations. We also discuss any addictive process struggles and deal with any triage & urgent situations. At the discovery meetings our team will help determine which coach might be the best fit.

Phase Two

Trust Building & Exploration

Usually consisting of two or three sessions between the coach and client where the focus is building trust and rapport while gathering insight about the client’s level of motivation and understanding their goals in their own words. At the same time emphasis is placed on strengthening recovery foundations. We begin weekly family touch-ins and family dynamic support.

Phase Three

True-North Plan™

During these sessions we use our proprietary True-North Plan™ as well as some other evidence-based coaching tools to plan out vision, purpose and goals in a thoughtful and quantifiable way. We also deep dive into motivations, hidden strengths and help identify specific barriers that may hinder progress. Our True-North Plan™ assesses and builds priorities around the following areas:

  • Recovery.
  • Life Triage & Repair.
  • Vision.
  • Purpose
  • Gift discovery and development
  • Healthy Connection to Self, Others and Higher Power
  • Career, Employment & Education Guidance and Assistance
  • Health (Movement & Nutrition)
  • Financial
  • Fun and Recreation
  • Integrating Mental Health Support System

Phase Four

Action & Recalibration

Based on the True-North plan we are working closely with our Clients to achieve their goals. We do this using our Base Camp & Climb model. First, we will assess client “solo” readiness with each specific goal area and depending on where they are we will make a determination on how much direct coach support is needed. Our ultimate goal is “solo” climbs but as humans we all sometimes need higher levels of help – especially during new habit formation.

Together We Climb

Coach and Client are side by side performing the goal or new habit. Building healthy relationships, maintaining recovery, finding fulfilling employment, nutrition and exercise, or even help with basic living skills.

You Climb – I am Close

Client is leading the effort and coach is close by to lend support if needed.

Solo Climb

Client is on their own and collaborating with Coach to see how things are going.

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