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Do You Need Healing from Unresolved Trauma?

Unresolved complex trauma leads to a chronic state of disconnection from your true Self. This disconnection results in life coping strategies which cause us to look outside of ourselves for inner security. Although these mechanisms are well intended, they also underlie our dysfunctional relationships, chronic negative moods, addictive processes and work-related struggles.

Unresolved Trauma Can Manifest As




Addictive Processes

Low Self Esteem

Relationship Stress

Work Stress

Other maladaptive coping mechanisms

Intensive Group Trauma Resolution is the Antidote

When you are able to be vulnerable and accepted in a safe group environment, it reduces shame and illuminates the path to healing. Our deepest traumas often occur in unhealthy relationship systems so they are best healed in a healthy relationship system.

The Roots Program is an intensive, experiential group process which instills hope, safety and co-regulation among its members. This powerful foundation creates mending for our deepest emotional, psychological and relational wounds. This profound healing experience often leads to an accelerated path to success in our client’s individual therapy after the program.

Experience the Roots Process

The Roots Program is an innovative two-phase workshop utilizing intensive group trauma resolution to foundationally re-organize the psychological systems responsible for deep-rooted protective strategies. Our unique Roots ProcessTM transforms lives by:

Uncovering and bringing

from the unconscious to the conscious our Developmental and Complex trauma.

Examining and accepting

our trauma emotionally, cognitively and somatically.

Re-attaching and connecting

with our core Self to re-balance and heal the extreme thoughts, beliefs and emotions that are responsible for the pain and challenges in our lives.

Building and maintaining

a robust emotional regulation system through Internal Family Systems, Polyvagal and boundary practices.

Following healing of our emotional injuries and building a robust emotional regulation system we are free to create a values driven life with new motivation and capacity for a vibrant and successful life.

After completing our program participants report having healthier and more vibrant relationships with their intimate partners, friends, work and spirituality. They also experience significant reductions in depression, anxiety and addictive processes.

Our Participants Say:

The Program

Phase One

Weekend 1 – Austin Location

Thursday – 6:00pm to 8:30pm

  • Orientation with Dinner

Friday, Saturday, Sunday – 9:00am to 4:00pm

Connecting & Accepting

  • Unmasking the Mayhem
  • The Birth of My Beliefs
  • Psychodrama

Weekend 2 – Austin Location

Friday, Saturday, Sunday – 9:00am to 4:00pm

Attaching & Unburdening

  • IFS/Inner Child
  • Somatic Identification
  • Shame Reduction

Phase Two

Six Weekly Meetings – 6:00pm – 8:30pm

  • Values & Purpose
  • Boundaries
  • Polyvagal
  • Parts/IFS Discovery & Processing
  • Somatic Attachment

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