What We Do

We believe that unresolved complex trauma leads to a chronic state of disconnection from our true Self. Our true Self is our seat of consciousness and our essence. This disconnection results in life coping strategies which cause us to look outside of ourselves for inner security.

Although these mechanisms are well intended they also underlie our dysfunctional relationships, chronic negative moods, addictive processes and work-related struggles. Integrate has pioneered an innovative two-weekend workshop to foundationally re-organize the psychological systems responsible for these immature, deep-rooted and mostly unconscious protective strategies.

Our unique Roots ProcessTM transforms lives by:

Uncovering and bringing

from the unconscious to the conscious our Developmental and Complex trauma.

Examining and accepting

our trauma emotionally, cognitively
and somatically.

Re-attaching and connecting

with our core Self to re-balance and heal the extreme thoughts, beliefs and emotions that are responsible for the pain and difficulties in our lives.

Building and maintaining

a new Emotional Operating System (EOS) that provides the missing foundation for a truly free and joyous life.

After completing our program our participants report having healthier and more vibrant relationships with their intimate partners, friends, work and spirituality.  Additionally our clients also experience significant reductions in depression, anxiety and addictive processes.

Would you like to Reconnect with You?

Ongoing Group Support And Learning

Our Phase 1 program creates strong bonds among the participants. These bonds are foundational to an ongoing abundant and healthy life. Following the completion of Phase 1, we offer a Phase 2 weekly program for all our participants who wish to maintain these close relationships and continue their re-attachment journey. Reach out to our enrollment team today.